Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The next leg of the journey, etc.

Hey again! Well, first off, I am over the hump. 199.5 and dropping. I'd like to say it's all downhill from here, but honestly, as the weight drops, it gets harder and harder to lose. Let me wax poetic for a moment if I may. It's kind of like I was rising out of the water until I hit 200. Psychologically it's like surfacing and taking a deep breath. I finally made it that far. Now though, I will attempt to flap my arms and rise into the air. It will become considerably slower before too much longer I imagine, but I think I'm up to it. All of thing great things about losing weight are beginning to happen. I'm wearing old pants, and starting to get those "have you lost weight" looks. Not to mention the energy level is up. I was relating to Michelle the other day about when I found the strength to start this whole thing. It was right after the 5k on Memorial day actually. I was standing there, very proud of my 37 minute finish, and I saw a guy who had also run the race. He was slim and probably in his 40s. He was walking and eating a banana. Looked like he was having a great day. So was I, but I thought, "I would love to be in good shape like that, and just happy to have run my race, and enjoying a healthy snack." I decided that I would "Have my banana" some day. Later that day I had a hot dog or something equally questionable. It was Memorial Day after all. That evening I think I had BW3 Hot Wings for dinner. But all day I thought about that banana havin' dude after the race. I thought about the Appalachian Trail, and I thought about where I'd be in my mid-40s if I didn't take back my health. Michelle and I had already started our exercise routine. We'd run a 5k. I was still eating more than I should. I just ate more to compensate for the extra energy needed for the training. I hadn't dropped any weight in that process. That night I sat by myself and took the time to think about what I was about to undertake. I said a few prayers for strength and determination, and I went to bed, knowing that when I woke up, that would be the start of it. Anyway, That's where I was. 227.5 pounds. Now, at 199.5, I feel as though I have made the turn that will lead to the rest of the journey. Perhaps the halfway point, or perhaps the third of the way point. Who could say? Tonight I'll say a few more prayers, prepare for the rest of the battle, and meet the Appalachian Trail in the spring as a lean, mountain climbing machine. Wish me luck! -Jon

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Gina said...

Yea!! Less than 200 lbs :). How awesome. You are inspiring me to get back to the weight I was when I was in my 20s (long, long, ago). Of course I'm not surprised you are losing weight - all you eat are nutrigrain bars *smile*. I know what you eat all the time!!