Saturday, July 19, 2008

Diet and Fitness Update

Ok, I had something a bit miraculous happen while I was in Vegas. I never expected it, because I had to eat catered food and didn't get to do my regular exercise. I assumed I'd come home having to fight back for the pounds I'd have gained. Yesterday I stepped on the scale, expecting something like 2 or 3 pounds of extra weight, but color me surprised when I registered 1.5 pounds lighter than when I left! Yep. That's right! I LOST 1.5 pounds in Las Vegas at a three day catered meeting! I even had a fruit tart one night for dessert! The only thing I can figure is that I did have to do a lot of walking and that must've balanced things out or something. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. I am at 200 pounds exactly and I hope tomorrow to see my first sub-200 pound weight in almost 2 years! This brings my weight loss total to 27.5 pounds of my initial 50 pound goal! Also, another milestone this week. I ran my first ever sub-10 minute mile! Yesterday I took off and really tried to push myself. I managed to run a 9:09! I couldn't believe it. I was exhausted and about to puke, and unsure whether my legs would support me on the rest of the run/walk, but I did it. If I can maintain that pace for a full 5k, I'll be running well under a 30 minute. I think I'd settle for just under a 30 minute right now. It's one of the things to do on my 43 things profile. The next 5k is coming up on Labor Day, and I hope to run that one in under 30 minutes. Maybe I'll pull it off, and maybe not, but I think I can probably do it with a month and a half yet to train. Well, that's about all for now. I just wanted to update you on how unexpectedly well my running and weight loss have been going for me this week. Yay!! -J

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Gina said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal even while on vacation :). What is your list of 43 things? Is that posted somewhere?