Monday, July 28, 2008


Hello! Here's a quick post to show what Michelle and I did for her lunch tomorrow! We made some things from a bento website and a book we picked up at Borders.

Here's a picture of the lunch:

The top tier contains a mix of nectarine, mandarin orange and sliced Kiwi fruit.

Below that is a cabbage salad with balsamic vinegar, garlic and dried cranberries. I fixed this one. It smells like it'll be fantastic!

The bottom tier is most interesting. We have three rice balls (Onigiri), on the left is sweetened egg, in the middle is Umeboshi (Japanese Pickled Plum), and on the right, wrapped in plastic is Shrimp, soy sauce, sake, ginger and a little sugar. It smells like the shrimp from the Hibachi grill. I'll bet it's going to taste awesome. I made myself an egg onigiri for a snack tomorrow. Also in the bottom tier is a small sweet potato cake we picked up from the Asian market in Charleston.

On the right is the lid of the Bento box which contains some mixed nuts, which we are now crazy about thanks to Gina's well timed bowl of them the last time we were up there.

I wish I was eating this lunch tomorrow, but I'll probably have a yogurt bar or something boring. :) Anyway, just thought I'd let you see what we made! Talk to you soon!



Michelle said...

Here's my quick review of our recipes. The rice balls were a good combination of sweet an salty and were very filling. The egg ball was sweet - I would have liked to have had some soy sauce to salt it up a little. The umeboshi ball was super salty. I'm still not sure that I like these pickled plums. Must be an acquired taste. The shrimp ball was my favorite! Very tasty. But next time I think I'll go easier on the sugar.

The cranberry cabbage salad was tasty too. Overall I'd say it was a success!

Trudger said...

I just had my egg onigiri. I agree. It was tasty and sweet, but I might've beena little better with some contrasting saltiness. Perhaps next time some soy sauce. Also, mine was really cold. just out of the fridge how could it not be of course, but I think I should've let it warm a little closer to room temperature.

Gina said...

You guys have such fancy recipes! The Bento lunch box is so cool!! I'm jealous :). And that meal looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

That does look pretty yummy.