Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pottery 102 - Night 1

Hey all! Yes, it's that time! I have begun my second 8 weeks of pottery class. Night one was a full evening, even though I only threw 4 pieces. I was focusing on quality rather than quantity. I did a pair of one piece goblets, and a couple of cylinders that I think will be nice mugs. I feel like I'm growing a little more capable at least. I'm hoping to really try something big before long. As soon as I'm a little more comfortable making smaller pieces that are somewhat symmetrical I'll give it a go and report on my attempt! Also, the 8 pieces I had ready to bisque fire were in the kiln, along with the pieces Michelle did. We should be able to see how they turned out next week. After those are all glazed, I expect we'll get a good glaze firing and finally get to see how our pieces have ended up. It's a hard thing to wait this long, but I'm being as patient as possible. I know everyone else is ready to see this stuff. It was interesting this time because we have three brand new students in the Tuesday night class. I enjoyed being a "veteran" this time and watched as the new students learned the basics with frustration and got to witness the victories and defeats from the other point of view this time. Always interesting to see how far you've come, and then to watch your instructor throw and realize how far you have to go. :) It was fun to have my step-mother Donita join us on the Tuesday night class. She had been taking the Monday night one, and switched for this 8 week period. So anyway, still plugging away. One week closer to pictures, and I think I'm getting a little better. We'll see! :) Talk to you soon! -Jon

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