Friday, October 3, 2008

Pottery 101 - Night 8

Well, the first 8 weeks of pottery has come to a close. Very soon I'll be starting my next 8 week session, which I will affectionately call Pottery 102. A quick update about the last night of class: Michelle and I spent most of the night cleaning up pieces we'd already thrown, and preparing them for their bisque firing. I think I have at least 7 pieces ready for the first firing. Let's see...two small noodle bowls, two cups, a mug, two bud vases, one larger vase...I think that's it. That's 8! Then there are the two pieces that are being glazed. We did actually get to start glazing this Tuesday night. We glazed the inside of our bisque pieces. Michelle has two little bowls, and I have a tea bowl and a mug. They're going to be pretty cool I think. The instructor said that Michelle will be able to come back and finish the pieces she has already thrown, so that will be nice. We weren't sure how that would work. We are going to try and finish the glazing this Friday night at first Friday. I believe I have mentioned it before. Arts and Music in Ashland the first Friday of every month. We'll be able to use the studio during that time. And so, we're getting close to actual finished pieces. I think during my Pottery 102 classes I'm going to strive to really make something amazing. Even if it's only one piece, I'm going to try for it. Something where people see it and have to say, "You MADE that? No way!" And I smile smugly and nod. This old thing? Just a lump of mud and unparalleled pottery skeels. :) There will be a few weeks of break on pottery blogs, but soon enough, look for pictures of Pottery 101 creations and Pottery 102 entries! Thanks for reading! -J

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Anonymous said...

You should totally make Zelda clay pots that we can smash. Just saying.