Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trudger's Treatises Annual Traffic Report

Good evening everyone! Thank you for coming to our special annual meeting. Actually, there's no meeting. I was just playing around with Google Analytics, which is what I use to observe my traffic here at Trudger's Treatises. Currently all JonCCook.Com traffic points directly here as well. I think it's really interesting to see where and how my visitors get here, so I thought I'd share some of the information from my reports with you. This February, believe it or not, marks an entire year for this blog. I'm amazed that I've kept it going for that long. Normally my projects don't have that kind of staying power! Perhaps it's simply that I know people would be lost without their Treatises. :) Anyway, how about about those numbers! Trudger's Treatises : February 1st, 2009 - January 27th, 2010 Total Visitors/Locations: 640 Visits 5 Continents - 23 Countries - 255 Cities Worldwide Average of 1.91 Visits per Day Top 5 Highest Readership by Country
  1. United States - 551 Visits (This is probably to be expected)
  2. Brazil - 25 Visits (No idea I had such a following in Brazil!)
  3. Japan - 13 (Thanks Tomoko! :)
  4. United Kingdom - 10 (Is that you Liam?)
  5. Philippines - 7 (Like Brazil, I am surprised, and pleasantly so, that the Philippines enjoys the site, however rarely. :)
Top 5 Traffic Sources: Visitor Origins (How people find their way to my site)
  1. Google Search - 23.59%
  2. Direct to Page - 18.12%
  3. - 12.19%
  4. - 10.31%
  5. Trillian's Tales - 8.44% (Thanks for the referral traffic Gina!)

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts: (The Blazin' Challenge is the hands down victor for popularity on my site according to several metrics)

  1. The Blazin' Challenge
  2. Pack Contents for The Appalachian Trail
  3. The Cook's Kitchen: Beef Jerky
  4. GenCon 2009
  5. Brandon Sanderson Made Me Famous

Top 10 Most Common Keyword Combinations: (There are a few ties for 2nd place actually, so I'm listing the top 10. It should become apparent what the single most popular post on my site concerns.)

  1. Coleman Max Pot - 6
  2. Bill Meadow's Pottery - 3
  3. Blazin' Challenge -3
  4. Blazin' Challenge Shirt -3
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Scoville -3
  6. BW3 Scoville -3
  7. Good Samaritan Soles 5k - 3
  8. Sample of Treatises -3
  9. Buffalo Wild Wings Scoville Scale -2
  10. Buffalo Wild Wings Scoville Units -2
Some of the more interesting keyword combinations:
  • Beef Jerky Caulking Gun
  • Blazin' Challenge Injuries (o.o)
  • Blazin' Challenge Dead/Died (O.O)
  • Contents of Toiletry Bag (My personal favorite)

So there is some interesting information about my blog. It's amazing how many visits and how much interest the Blazin' Challenge has generated. I'm going to have to find something else to do like that so I can generate more traffic! Anyone have any recommendations?

Talk to you all soon!


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