Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kung Fu - The White Sash

Hello everyone! Guess what? I took my test for the white sash tonight at Kung Fu, and passed! I think it basically means I have learned enough to begin learning! :) The test isn't all that extensive, or difficult, but it's a beginning! Basically, there are a handful of kicks, punches and techniques that you have to demonstrate, plus a short blocking form. I was little nervous, but managed not to get too overworked, and didn't have any trouble. So this means that my Kung Fu goal is half way completed for 2010. Well, not exactly. The yellow sash is considerably more involved, and will take quite a bit of study and dedication to accomplish by the end of 2010. I only attend one of the two weekly classes. At any rate, I'm excited to begin. Mainly what I want to do before worrying about the color of the fabric around my waist during class, is to increase my strength and flexibility, and become very certain of the basics that I've already learned. A solid foundation is the key to a great many things. And I'm certain that any martial art is no different. I'll keep it short tonight! Just wanted to update you all on my progress. I'm certain you're all riveted to the screen! :) Talk to you all soon! -J

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