Sunday, August 10, 2008

My First Bento

Ok folks! It is finally time! Michelle and I made bento lunches tonight. I have made my first one and I have a picture and a description for you! Here's the lunch:

So, you might be wondering with intense curiosity, just exactly what we have here. The top tier is a three bean salad, made from black, kidney and great northern beans, and a fat free Italian dressing, garnished with fresh mint. To the right are a couple of lemonhead candies. Actually, a lemonhead and a cherryhead.

The bottom tier contains chicken nuggets that Michelle found a recipe for on These nuggets are seasoned with salt and pepper, rolled in corn starch and fried in olive oil cooking spray. Then, we dashed them with a little soy sauce and some lemon juice. They're paired with fresh sliced cherry tomatoes and mint leaves.

Next to that is 1/4 cup of mixed nuts.

That's my lunch! Small, simple and healthy. By appearances it'll be very satisfying. Finally I get to eat something rather than watch Michelle carry things off and wish I could have it. I might comment this post after I taste everything and let you know how it was. I hope you're all enjoying reading about my lunch. :) Talk to you soon!



Michelle said...

Mmmmmmm. The chicken nuggets were really tasty! I even liked them better cold than hot. Another bento success. :)

Gina said...

That does sound good. I'd like to see the bento box in real life. Everything seems bigger than what I'm sure it is from the pictures.

Trudger said...

You know, I need to get some pictures that actually show perspective. Maybe I'll get Michelle to volunteer and hold the boxes in a picture so you can see how big they are.

By the way, I agree. The nuggets were awesome. The bean salad was good too. It's all made better by the fact that you take the time to pack it and make it look nice. Beats brown bagging anyday!! :)